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China’s Ancient city

Xuzhou is located in the northwest of Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou is the largest city of northern Jiangsu as well as the most ancient city of the province. As the joining point of Jiangsu, Henan and Shandong provinces, the city boasts of its most important geographic location that makes it the place all the states of ancient China scrambled for. Thousands of years’ history has blessed the city with profound culture, especially when it was the second political center of the Han Dynasty (260BC-220). Now, the city is the center of the Huaihai economic development zone and also one of the nation’s most important agricultural product bases.




Scenic Spots in Xuzhou

Baolian Temple 300x186 - XUZHOU CITY

Western Han Dynasty Terracotta Warriors 300x200 - XUZHOU CITY

Xuzhou Concert 300x167 - XUZHOU CITY






                   Baolian Temple                  Western Han Dynasty Terracotta Warriors                      Xuzhou Concert


Scenic Spots Around Xuzhou

Taierzhuang Ancient Town 300x186 - XUZHOU CITY
MengshanTianmeng Nature Reserve 300x201 - XUZHOU CITY
Rizhao Beach 300x200 - XUZHOU CITY







Taierzhuang Ancient Town                                    MengshanTianmeng Nature Reserve                               Rizhao Beach


Convenient Transportation All Over the China

1024x575 - XUZHOU CITY   300x145 - XUZHOU CITY




Xuzhou Food

There are various types food in Xuzhou, from Traditional cuisine to Western- style restaurants, a variety of delicious food for you to choose.



Traditional Cuisine in Xuzhou


300x169 - XUZHOU CITY300x255 - XUZHOU CITY300x300 - XUZHOU CITY








Western- style Restaurant in Xuzhou


01 牛排 300x199 - XUZHOU CITY02 意大利焗面 300x200 - XUZHOU CITY03 馅儿饼 300x183 - XUZHOU CITY