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We opened up 2007 and we have rapidly grown. We have over 2500 students with 41 foreign teachers and 13 local teachers.

We teach students from age 3 and up, although we mainly focus on students from age 3 to 15. Our students are divided into classes by age and level, with a maximum of 10 students for 3-6 year olds, and 16 students from 7-15 years old. We teach our students 2 hours each week, and the teachers keep their classes throughout the course, so we have a chance to become familiar with both our students and their parents. In all classes we use EF materials, which consist of books, PPT, CD, quizzes, work cards, Flash cards, and in some cases IWB activities and puppets.











Thanks to continued growth, EF English First now has four schools in Xuzhou.


School One (2007) is located in the Chuangyi 68 cultural park, and situate in the downtown.

School Two (2013) is located in the Yunlong Wanda Plaza, Heping Road.

School Three (2017) is located in the San Power International Plaza, Quanshan district.

School Four is located in the Vanke Huaihai district, opening very soon.



“I really enjoy working at EF. EF stands for Enormous Family because I work with such awesome people.”
–Peter (Senior Teacher, school 2)